Technical Exhibits for Objections

Sometimes, translator applicants may try to move their stations closer to your LPFM station.

FM translators must protect LPFM stations on co-channel and on the first-adjacent channels (+/- 0.2 MHz). Even though LPFM stations must protect FM translators on second adjacent channels, FM translators do not have that requirement towards LPFM. The actual protection towards LPFM is done through a contour overlap model. The interference contour (40 dBu for co-channel and 54 dBu for first-adjacent channel) may not overlap the 60 dBu service contour of the LPFM station.

REC can work with you or your attorney to provide the studies necessary to help in an objection like this. REC is not a licensed attorney so we can not litigate in your behalf but we can provide you with the supporting documentation you need.

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